Industrial cleaning

SC 22 AMD Ideea Prest SRL is a division that specializes in industrial cleaning, represented by qualified highly-trained personnel, with an acquired experience through substantial knowledge of products and equipment used in this branch of work.

Our development depends very much on our customers' satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the deterioration of a floor such as one made out of granite, marble or natural stone can only be noticed after it took place. In order to avoid this type of accidents regular maintenance provided by a specialised crew is necessary. If the deterioration already took place, repairing and restoring the natural stone floor to its initial state would cost more than its maintenance.

People are always reluctant towards modifying, repairing, renovating their home, their office or their storage spaces due to the mess that builders leave behind and the time that they spend cleaning up after them. Now we have the solution: we return your space ready to use without it needing any other cleaning activities.

We always try to meet your expectations, so regarding our working schedule, our cleaning services are available 24/7.